Antonio Caldara. Vespro della Beata Vergine. Missa in Sol

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Antonio Caldara
Collegio Musicale Italiano
Adriano Gaglianello, direttore
Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni Battista e Marta

Antonio Caldara was an Italian composer born in 1670; he spent his childhood in the choir of the Basilica San Marco in Venice, probably studying with Giovanni Legrenzi, musical director in that period. To the initial activity of cellist he placed side by side that of composer, giving soon light to a plentiful series of job, among which works, cantata and instru-mental compositions. At the age of 29 he left Venice to become teacher of chapel in Mantua, but testimonies of his compositions have unfortunately not remained in that centre.
It is necessary to attend the first transfer in Rome, for the Cardinal Ottoboni, to find again some of his works, taking into consideration possi-ble fruitful meetings with famous musicians such as Haendel and A. Scarlatti. After a brief period spent in Spain to serving the As-burgos, he came back to Rome to substitute Haendel in the po-sition of musical director of the prince Ruspoli. Of this period numerous profane compositions are remembered, four works and nine oratorical. In 1717 Caldara was created vice-Kapellmeister for Carlo IV of Asburgos in Vienna, where he spent the rest of his life. The manuscripts of holy and profane works of Caldara are currently preserved in different European libraries. Only some works have been published, as for example the Mass in G presented in this disc (Carus Verlag). The vespers of the Blessed Virgo, composed after 1716, has been transcribed by Adriano Gaglianello, making reference to the manuscripts of the parts cur-rently detached and preserved in the Monaco of Baviera State Library.




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