Chopin. Lieder Op. 74

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Fryderyk Chopin

Even if it seems incredible, inside the most famous composer’s production there are still treasures to discover. In the case of Fryderyk Chopin, among these unknown gems, stand out the seventeen Lieder op. 74, less considered by their author so that they were only published after his death. As we know, Chopin did not love to write for voice, but from these works extremely vivid images of the great Polish musician emerge: they recall the youth years, spent in Poland and the echo of his love for Konstancja Gladkowska with moments of sincerity that remind the best Schubert on many points of view. In this CD of intense beauty Dominika Zamara, Polish soprano with great talent, opens the Elegia catalogue and for the occasion she is accompanied by the piano player Franco Moro with refined taste. Beside the Lieder op. 74, the programme of this CD includes Jakież kwiaty, jakie wianki, a virtually unknown piece by Chopin, and two beautiful pages by Stanislaw Moniuszko and Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the first considered the father of the Polish national opera and the second a great piano talent, who for some time was the Poland Prime Minister.

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Recorded in Pink Sound Studio, Padova
Sound engineer and Digital Editing: Massimo Gabba
24 pages full colour booklet (It , En and Pl)
Musicology comment,
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