Domenico Zipoli. Complete organ music

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Domenico Zipoli
Gabriele Giacomelli, organo
C. Romani (1588) e M. Crudeli (1773)
M. Crudeli (1777) e M. Paoli (sec. XIX)
Cattedrale di Santo Stefano-Cappella del Sacro Cingolo,
Pieve di San Giusto in Piazzanese, Prato, Italia

Domenico Zipoli born in Prato on 17th October 1688 from a farming family, learned his first steps into music from author of sacred music and keyboard performer Giovanni Francesco Beccatelli.
He moved to Rome in 1710 where he fulfilled significant roles thanks to his membership to the musician congregation of Santa Cecilia.
During his permanence in Rome, lasted to 1716, Zipoli composed his only authorised published works “Sonate d'intavolatura” for pipe-organ and harpsichord, released in 1716. From the same lapse of time they're most likely belonging Sonata for violin and three Cantate for single voice and continuous bass. His affinity with religious order 'la Compagnia di Gesù' inspired a new course in his life. Following a Jesuit expedition he landed in Mar de la Plata probably in 1716. Reached south America Zipoli settled in Cordoba keeping-on his career as musician and soon his name became listed among the most influential composers of the continent. The recent rediscover of a great number of his works in Bolivian archives inspired a renewed interest in this peculiar composer lived between the new and the old world. The body of works rediscovered in Bolivia consists mainly in sacred music (masses, psalms etc..) composed for choir and instruments, in some more keyboard oriented previously unpublished pieces and a few copies of “Sonate d'intavolatura”..




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