Padre Davide da Bergamo. Organ symphonies vol.1

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Padre Davide Da Bergamo
Luca Scandali, organ
Luigi Lingiardi (1860)
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione, Cocconato, Italy

Within Italian’s organ tradition, symphonic music represents a way out from the classic liturgical context opening the gates to concert use. Giovanni Morandi (1777-1856) brought symphonies to their greatest formal point with his several organ compositions, but he always remained a step behind from Padre Davide regarding the orchestral use of the organ. In fact he was still bounded to 18th century small organs while Padre Davide deeply knew the new “modern” instruments crafted by his fellow citizens Bossi and Serassi.
Padre Davide composed a number of symphonies, most of them printed in the two major collections 15 Pezzi and 12 Sonate, the first composed for the inauguration of S. Maria di Campagna’s organ in Piacenza and the second published by G. Canti in 1845. Others were published posthumous by Vismara in 1865-67.
This CD offers a significant glimpse of Padre Davide’s symphonies, all taken from the Vismara’s collection. Among the others the Gran Sinfonia in C minor stands out for its particular structure: the slow introduction usually limited to few bars here is extended in a big section with three movements (allegro-larghetto-allegro); moreover the second theme, usually cantabile, here is allegro, so not in contrast with the previous one.

Additional info about this CD
Recorded in Cocconato, Italy, 2016
16 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Musicology comment,
Artist biography
Full organ specs card included



Gran Sinfonia in do min.



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