Vivaldi. Concerti con organo obbligato

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Gianluca Cagnani, organo e direzione
Turin Baroque Orchestra
Francesca Odling, traversiere  
Svetlana Fomina, violino 
Enrico Groppo, violino 
Nicola Brovelli, violoncello 
Pinchi (1996) op. 412
Chiesa Evangelica Valdese, Torino, Italy
The rediscovery of the Pre-Romantic repertoire, occurred during the last decades, has brought back the Vivaldi’s production under the spotlight, but, despite this, much still remains to be discovered. One of the more unknown field is that of the concerts that see the organ free its role of basso continuo in order to take on an unpublished soloist garment for the time in front of a huge strings group. The programme of this CD presents six works characterized by the melodic vein of the Red Priest, in which the organ shows off both its virtuosic potential and its extended melodiousness. These works were presented in the reliable performance of Gianluca Cagnani, in the double garment of soloist and director of the Turin Baroque Orchestra. An unusual and beautiful Vivaldi.

Turin Baroque Orchestra
Francesca Odling
, traversiere.  Svetlana FominaEnrico Groppo, violini solisti. Bruno RaspiniGiorgia LenziGiuliana ToselliGiulia Manfredini, violini. Gabriele CerviaSara Audenino, viole.  Nicola Brovelli, violoncello. Roberto Bevilacqua, contrabbasso. Massimo Lombardi, tiorba e chitarra barocca. Gianluca Cagnani, organo e direzione.

Additional info about this CD
Recorded in Torino, Italia, nel 2017
16 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Musicology comment,
Artist biography
Full organ specs card included




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