Franchino Gaffurio. La musica sacra ai tempi di Leonardo

Elecla 19069
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Franchino Gaffurio
Accademia del Ricercare
Pietro Busca, direttore

In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the Italian genius who in his Trattato della pittura wrote “Music is nothing but depiction’s sister”, Elegia Classics is proud to present an entirely CD dedicated to Franchinus Gaffurius, composer from Lodi, nowadays almost forgotten, but who had the extraordinary honour to be painted by Leonardo. The programme is focused on Missa da Carnaval, one of his most significant works, composed for the last Sunday before the Lent, to which he added some motets of striking beauty, that underline a fascinating view of the musical panorama during the last years of the XV century. Of these works Accademia del Ricercare ensemble, directed by Pietro Busca, gives us an inspired performance both expressive and instrumental, with the four masculine voices facing krummhorns, flutes, Renaissance traverse, vielle and basso continuo.

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Recorded: in Cappella del Seminario Arcivescovile Vercelli, Italy, on 23-25 February 2019
12 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Musicology comment,
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