Torrent Serra Montserrat

monserrat torrent serra
She starts studying the piano at five years old under the guide of her mother Angela Serra, pupil of Enrique Granados, continuing it in Academia Marshall. After the Spanish Civil War, she studies until the Virtuosismo stage with the teachers Blay Net and Carlos Pellicer in Conservatorio Superior Municipal de Música of Barcelona, also finishing those of Harmony and Counterpoint. In the same conservatoire she starts studying the organ with the teacher Paul Franch, achieving the Premio de Honor  and the Premio Extraordinario del Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, in order to widen her knowledge in Paris with Noelie Pierront. Then, thanks to a scholarship by Fundación Juan March, she studies in Siena with Fernando Germani and Helmuth Rilling. Specially attracted by the performance of Spanish music, she studies with Santiago Kastner, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini and Padre Gregori Estrada. In 1956 she is appointed, for competition, as holder of Organ at Conservatorio Superior Municipal de Música of Barcelona until 1991. At the same time she starts a double activity, as a teacher and as a concert player, offering recitals in all Spain, Europe, North Africa, USA, Canada and South America and working with the Orquesta Nacional Española and Orquesta Ciutat de Barcelona. The historic organ and its music come to life thanks to this work and thanks to the organ maker Gabriel Blancafort, coincidence that encourage the interest on this field. All this is reflected on many recordings in which Montserrat Torrent Serra plays instruments restored by Blancafort. The most famous disc is that dedicated to Cabanilles on the organ of Santa María de los Corporales in Daroca. Many were her recordings on historic organs in all Spain with a special attention to the composer Francisco Correa de Arauxo: since the beginning of the 90’s she started to record the complete Facultad Orgánica, a project near to the ending. She is been prized with Gran Prix du Disque Charles Cross (1965), Cruz de San Jorge Gobierno de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1995), Premo Nacional de Música (1996), Medalla de Plata al Mérito Artístico del Ministerio de la Cultura (1996), Medalla de Oro al Mérito Artístico del Ayuntament de Barcelona (1997), Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Granada (1995), Medalla del Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid (2001), Medalla al Mérito Francesc Macià de la Generalitat de Catalunya (2001). Besides her work at Conservatorio Superior de Música of Barcelona, she is present in improvement courses dedicated to Spanish ancient music such as Música en Compostela, Academia Fray Joseph de Echevarría, Academia Internacional de Órgano de Granada, Cursos Internacionales de Salamanca, Cursos en las Islas Baleares, International Courses in Haarlem (Holland), Masterclasses in USA and Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland and GB. She was awarded as Doctor Honoris Causa at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Montserrat Torrent Serra arouses the interest in the music enthusiasts for her skill and for her experience.

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