Giuseppe Verdi. Opera Overtures

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Giuseppe Verdi
Roberto Cognazzo

After the great success of the first CD, Roberto Cognazzo comes back to this repertoire with a program most of all based on a series of works composed by Verdi in the first phase of his career, the so-called anni di galera. These are the pieces that have more interest, because allow to listen to titles nowadays barely performed such as Oberto Conte di San Bonifacio and Il finto Stanislao and because they lead us to the discovery of this composer, who later would have written masterpieces. During the XIX century it was a habit to write the most famous arias and choirs for organ or piano, a praxis that allowed them to reach a great popularity even among those that did not attend theatres. These works are performed by Cognazzo with verve, that it is emphasized by the rich timbre of the four great symphonic organs..

Release scheduled for February 15, 2018

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